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Oakland-Tech-News-Apr-15,-2013Red Point Engineering is another Auburn Hills-based company looking to make some noise in the electric and hybrid technology business. Along with many other firms, Red Point will have a booth at the upcoming Electric & Hybrid Technology Expo, which will be held in Novi’s Suburban Collection Showplace Sept. 17-19.

The company will be showing off its technology, which is used to convert gas-powered vehicles to vehicles with electric propulsion systems.

Red Point first built an EV-tech vehicle in 2008. They’ve built several since and are looking to “accelerate” into the marketplace.

“We started out in Silicon Valley in California,” Kedzierski said. “We moved to Auburn Hills because of the supply chain and the technical people in Michigan. Plus, Auburn Hills is right off I-75 and that’s convenient. We also liked the friendliness of the city’s managers.” Kedzierski said her husband, Norbert, also a founder of the company, has just applied for a patent for the company’s midsized engine conversion system that takes a vehicle from gasoline powered to electric propulsion.

While they say they specialize in drivetrain and powertrain technology, Kedzierski said they really deal in vehicle propulsion systems. People often don’t understand the difference, she said. Right now, Red Point is enjoying some success with its products.

The firm last year received the 2012 “Best Four-Wheel Conversion EV Award” at the fourth annual Michigan Electric Vehicle Show and Rally. This year’s show is in June and sponsors include DTE Energy and Schoolcraft College. One judge said that “if I didn’t know that Porsche did not release an electric car for sale, I would have thought that this electric Porsche was manufactured by the OEM.” She said their customers are different groups of people. Some are those who wish to leave the traditional ICE propulsion system behind. Others are early technology adopters. Then there are the trendsetters who just like being ahead of the curve. The company converts many different models of cars, but specializes in Porsches, Kedzierski said.

“We convert gas-powered vehicles to EVs,” Kedzierski said. “We do it two different ways. A customer can send us his or her car and we do all the work.” Or, Red Point can send a complete conversion kit to the customer that contains everything the customer needs to do the work himself. Right now, they are targeting specific market niches. These include the collector market, the classic niche and the sports car enthusiasts who might enjoy a sports car with an EV propulsion system, Kedzierski said. In addition to specializing in Porsches, Red Point offers customers a variety of options when it comes to determining a vehicle’s range. Different customers have different requirements and they want options to be available before making a decision. It’s important to get the word out now on what the company can do, Kedzierski said. Hence, the booth at the upcoming Novi show. In addition to doing vehicle conversions, Red Point Engineering provides a wide range of design and consulting services in the area of powertrain/drivetrain development and integration, Kedzierski said.

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