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Red Point Engineering partnered with George S to complete the first Porsche conversion into electric back in 2008. That 1983 Porsche 911 has been in use ever since. Here is the feedback we received from the customer: Initially I’ve bought a motor-to-transmission coupler from another vendor which claimed many years in business and many conversions. Unfortunately it was not working properly, the motor had to be removed multiple times in attempts to adjust the coupling and eliminate grinding noises, without succes. So I’ve hanged the coupler on my garage wall and turned to Red Point Engineering to have a new coupler built. RPE coupler worked flawlessly form the first installation and I have not had any problems with it in the last 3 years of use.o The frequent comment I’m receiving about my Porsche is: This is the cleanest conversion I have ever seen.
– George S (Contact the customer for more info)
Everything arrived promptly. Many thanks for your attention and how well and professionally you handled this order.
– Paul W
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