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At Red Point Engineering, our proof of concept includes the award-winning electric vehicle conversion of the Porsche Boxster — which was transformed to run 100% on electricity.  Our electric Porsche Boxster has won “2013 Best Professional Conversion EV” during 5th Michigan Annual Electric Vehicle Show and Rally. The sports convertible was also the recipient of two prestigious awards at 4th Michigan Annual Electric Vehicle Show and Rally in 2012.  The first award, which was granted by the judges, was “2012 Best 4-Wheel Conversion EV” and the second award “People’s Choice Award for best Electric Vehicle” was voted by those in attendance.


Nearly 2,000 attended the show, which took place in June 9, 2012 at Schoolcraft College, and during the show, the EV Boxer turned many heads.  The fact that the vehicle was awarded prestigious recognition both from the committee and from the audience in attendance is a testament to the EV Conversion as an engineering marvel.  It was also unofficially dubbed the “Cleanest EV Conversion”

During “Show and Review” the juror commented: “If I didn’t know that Porsche does not manufacture Electric Porsches, I would have thought this EV was manufactured by an OEM”.

Winner of “People’s Choice” Award and Committe “Best 4-Wheel Conversion EV” Award at 4th Michigan Annual Electric Vehicle Show & Rally – June 9, 2012

Electric Porsche in front of Meadow Brook Hall, “The Great Estate”, Michigan’s newest National Historic Landmark.

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