EV Conversion Systems

Our patented conversion systems vary based on customer’s preference for range, speed and on conversion cost tolerance.

We use as many off-the shelf components as possible in order to pass through the savings to the customer and we design and build only the components that are unique and not available on the market. At Red Point Engineering, our goal is to integrate the complete electric drivetrain into your platform.

We begin each EV project with 3D design using CAD software, and we offer consulting services to help customer complete electric vehicle project.

Motor Mounting EV Conversion System

We have developed EV conversion systems for Porsche platforms. These drop-in, plug-and-play kits include electric motor integration and mounting.

Turn-Key EV Conversion Systems

Our professionally designed conversion systems include ALL the conversion hardware required to complete electric vehicle conversion (including battery modules).


Samplee Porsche Boxster EV Conversion Components (RPE)


Contact Information

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Email:  rpe@rp-eng.com