Why Choose RPE?

Why choose RPE for your luxury sports or classic electric vehicle?

Red Point Engineering is renowned for its full service conversion projects, as well as for their customized electric vehicle conversion systems. The company has significant experience in converting vehicles with combustion engines to 100% electric vehicle (EV).


Three Good Reasons to Go with RPE:

1, Award Winning EV
2. Patent Pending Technology
3. Flexible Options

Award Winning EV:

At Red Point Engineering, our proof of concept includes the award-winning electric vehicle conversion of the Porsche Boxster — which was transformed to run 100% on electricity. The sports coupe was the recipient of two prestigious awards at 4th Michigan Annual Electric Vehicle Show and Rally in 2012. Additionally, during the 5th Michigan Annual Electric Vehicle Show and Rally in 2013 our electric Porsche won Best Professional Conversion EV award.

Patent Pending Technology:

One of the most trusted design firms in North America, Red Point Engineering has not only been recognized for its full service conversion projects, but for our customized conversion systems.

In the early part of 2013, Red Point applied for a patent on its electric vehicle conversion kit for passenger vehicles, and continues to develop innovative and groundbreaking technological advances in this growing market sector.

Flexible Options:

Red Point Engineering currently offers two flexible options for EV Conversions:

  1. We convert your vehicle to 100% electric and return vehicle to you:  If you elect this option, we provide consulting, electric and hardware components; design complete conversion systems, secure batteries, the electric motor and battery management systems – ie. all the components required to complete the conversion.  The vehicle can either be delivered to our location, or we can pick it up.
  2. We ship a turn-key conversion system on the pallet, and you complete the conversion:  If you elect this option, we deliver only the hardware components required so you can complete the conversion yourself.  We design and build all hardware components – engine mounts, adapter plates, hubs, brackets, battery boxes – to meet your unique needs.

Red Point Engineering offers state of the art conversions and packaging. If you are considering converting your luxury sports or classic vehicle into an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly electric vehicle, contact RPE to learn more about our professional electric vehicle conversions and conversion systems.

Contact Information

Red Point Engineering, Inc.
Email:  rpe@rp-eng.com