Engineering Consulting

Suite of Engineering Services

Project Management

We are experts at putting the right plan together to ensure your success. Our experienced staff can help you create a framework with milestones to ensure your project finishes on time and on budget.

Engineering and Analysis

Analysis and calculation from concept through components and assemblies, including DFMEA, BOM, vehicle performance analysis, DVP&R, GD&T, and data creation standards.


We can design based on verbal instructions, requirements, simple sketches, and your background data. We can provide you with 3D parametric solid models and drawings (UG-NX).


Whether you need drawings for a proposal or service manual, and anything in between, we can provide you with the visualizations you need.


Our experienced staff can meet your most demanding powertrain needs, including axles, power transmission systems, and components.


Electric Vehicle Conversions

Red Point Engineering provides end-to-end advanced engineering solutions with a full range of design and consulting services necessary for you to complete your custom electric vehicle project. Our processes and tooling are both modular and scalable to provide you with any or all of the engineering services you need to bring your electric vehicle project to completion.

Red Point Engineering provides both vehicle owners and manufacturers with electric vehicle conversions services. We can design and build complete electric vehicle systems, we can manufacture custom parts, or offer you many other conversion services.

We provide custom EV conversion arrangements based on your needs. We can tailor our processes to complete your project based on how much or how little you would like to be involved in the conversion.

The three flexible options we offer are:

  1. We convert your vehicle to electric and we deliver ALL parts. We provide consulting, deliver electric and hardware components; design complete conversion systems, secure batteries, electric motor and battery management systems.
  2. We convert your vehicle to electric and you deliver YOUR parts.
  3. We deliver only the hardware components and you complete the conversion. We design and build hardware components – engine mounts, adapter plates, hubs, brackets, battery boxes – to meet your unique needs.

Electric Vehicle Experts

When we say that we provide end-to-end services, we mean it. We are ready to help you – regardless of the size of your project. We can help you whether you need a single component or a small-run. We can help you if you simply need to test a completed part or you want to convert an entire vehicle to electric operation. Whether you need CAD, system design, testing, specification design, or other engineering services, we have both the skills and tools you need.

And unlike many other engineering companies, we have experience with electric vehicle conversion. Having completed several projects of our own, we understand your point of view and we identify with your challenges. Having finished our own conversion projects, we are better equipped and better suited to anticipate your electric vehicle project needs.

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