EVCCON 2012 Day 4 – Our Adventure in Picturesque Cape Girardeau

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The final day, day 4’s conferences included: Driving the EV Business – panel Discussion with George Hamstra, Jack Rickard & Michael Bream and Lithium Battery Theory and Manufacture by  Jack Rickard.

Events scheduled for the afternoon: Electric Car Show in Capaha Park  (open to the public) and Electric Car Parade.

Finally the weather in Cape Girardeau worked with us, as it was a gorgeous day for a picnic and music in the park. Cape Girardeau is known for its nature, having 21 parks throughout the little bustling city of 100,000. Thanks to the weather and the buzz surrounding the event, a large amount of locals arrived just in time to view the show, to see the impressive electric cars and to ask questions about the EV industry and what the future holds for electric vehicles.

After the car show was over, we had a beautiful parade through Cape Girardeau, which Nathan, one of the EVCCON attendees called the “official funeral for gasoline fueled cars.”

Then, at 7 PM, it was finally time for the formal wine dinner at The Show-Me Center Arena.  Richard, who organized a lot of the logistics around EVCCON and who truly did an amazing job, announced the winners of the event competitions for multiple categories, from the best paint job to the fastest EV. Organizers even added in some humorous categories, to including the most improved EV and the slowest EV award.

Recipients of the awards, from all over the EV industry, gave great speeches. Here are some highlights of the speech of one of the winners:

–  “Don’t settle for cheap parts, you will end up paying double in the long run. I went through this and I know.”

–  “For your EV conversion project, go for quality vendors, and the vendors present at EVCCON are the highest quality vendors you will find, to get quality results. The vendors that are present here today offer all that anyone will need for a quality EV conversion project.”


Those Vendors included:

  • EVnetics – controllers
  • NetGain – electric motors
  • Red Point Engineering – Conversion hardware (custom conversion kits: engine mounts, adapter plates and hubs) and  consulting
  • RechargeCar

We leave this year’s EVCCON extremely impressed with the quality of the people that both attended and organized the event, and with how well the event was put together. We are already looking forward to EVCCON 2013!

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