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Red Point Engineering Hosts the December 2012 MEAA (Michigan Electric Auto Association) meeting.

The cold weather did not prevent auto enthusiasts from turning out to see the electric vehicles on display at the MEAA meeting on December 8, 2012.  The event was hosted by Red Point Engineering — an advanced engineering company with significant expertise in electric vehicles — at their headquarters in Auburn Hills.

The start-up company showcased conversion of another Porsche Boxter to 100% Electric Vehicle.  Red Point Engineering boasts significant expertise in Electric Vehicle Conversions and their last year’s electric sports coupe was the recipient of two prestigious awards, (one People’s Choice and one for Best Conversion EV) at the Michigan Electric Auto Association EV show last summer.

Also on hand were the first two owners of Tesla Model S in Michigan, Joel Szirtes and Alan Askew, who presented their Tesla sedans.  These vehicles are the first Tesla Model S arrivals in Michigan.

Red Point Engineering and Michigan Electric Auto Association

Enthusiasts spent a considerable amount of time discussing the vehicle with Red Point’s President, Norbert Kedzierski, who explained that the conversion of Boxster with tiptronic transmission.  Kedzierski fielded many questions explaining the key differences between the conversion of the Porsche model equipped with a manual transmission vs. the Tiptronic.

Additionally, he addressed the following key points:

  • Advantages of using controller with the idle function
  • Electric Porsche Boxster with manual transmission – advantages of using clutch vs. going with clutchless system
  • The truth behind the original vs. aftermarket race pressure plates… the actual test result and implication of the thrust load on the motor, mounts, bearings.

Kedzierski also presented RPE’s end-to-end engineering solutions for custom-electric car conversions.

Electric Porsche Boxster with Tiptronic Transmission - Conversion Process Explained by RPE


Additionally, Joel Szirtes shared his incredible enthusiasm for Tesla, “It’s an amazing car — I’ve been driving it for six weeks, and I cannot imagine myself driving an internal combustion engine car again. The honeymoon really has not ended — the whole experience is just different”.

Joel also offered his considerable insights regarding Tesla’s roadmap, including the following discussion points:

  • 2012 Tesla’s production capacity right now– (producing about 400 units a week)
  • The company plans to build 20,000 units in 2013
  • The company plan to introduce Model X in 2014 – crossover SUV
  • In 2015 – the company is planning to build 35,000 unit a year — between model S and X
  • Leasing options will be available in the summer of 2013.

Finally, Bruce Westlake presented his brand new Ford C-Max Energi.  Overall, the event was a resounding success, and Red Point hopes to host another event in the future.

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